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[Case Study] The Fabric

[Case Study] The Fabric

To meet the real-time data requirements and critical operational demands of the biotech industry, reliable Internet and cloud access on-site is more important than ever. 

Companies and researchers depend on the network for communication, operations, data-sharing, and information storage. Their data includes years of research and insights, and it needs to be accessible, manageable, and highly available. In addition, the high-powered equipment that is needed to advance research demands flexible and reliable access to data. Technium’s Venture Capital Customer—with many biotech’s under its umbrella—was constructing a new building where three biotech companies would reside.

Each company shared these commonalities:
  • All on the precipice of significant growth
  • A desire to switch to Amazon Direct Connect— a network service that provides an alternative to using the Internet to utilize AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services
  • Had data usage needs for their current state, but would need to scale up at a moment’s notice


The Fabric, with its fully diverse, direct, and transparent physical connectivity, peering community of BOSIX, and gateway home to AWS could easily meet the needs for each company. To further increase flexibility, scalability, and simplicity, Technium also architected a design called the Extended Fabric. This straightforward design allowed for one contract to cover the management and security of the connectivity by Technium, and the ability for each individual biotech to increase data (i.e. from 1G to 10G) with the flip of a switch. The alternative, which is the standard configuration today, would have required six different contracts—three companies x two service providers each for redundancy—and provide no flexibility in terms of scaling without significant re-contracting. Additionally, in today’s standard connectivity configuration, troubleshooting any issues can be a frustrating process because tracing the problem requires contacting multiple providers before finding the issue, and then working through the hurdles with the third party. With The Fabric, troubleshooting is simple as it will require one call to Technium who would work with Markley on behalf of the biotech(s). 


The Fabric has been installed and in use for approximately one year at the time of this case study’s publishing. The installation and use, so far, have gone without a hitch. In the words of Technium’s Co-Founder & CTO, Michael Joseph, “The design was done right and done well—once.” The biotech’s can confidently move forward with their research and work at full speed knowing they have the technology and security to get them there.

Please note: Names and company information are withheld for security reasons


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