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Scaling with the Right Connectivity


For companies that are scaling, moving, or experiencing significant changes in their usage of the cloud, the challenges that often arise are:

  • Not knowing the right degree of flexibility
  • Not knowing the upfront costs and long-term cost management
  • The ease (or lack thereof) for making changes
  • Wondering what level of visibility will be available

In recognition of the need for high growth and the ability to manage costs, Technium and Markley have constructed a service that delivers flexibility, performance and cost management in a way that provides you with the ability to pick services that make sense to your current and future needs.  

The Fabric gives you security services that can be built for full integration. Remote users, office users and cloud infrastructure technologies are streamlined into a single-managed reporting framework – giving you optimal visibility and control. 

Understanding How the Internet and Cloud Are Connected 

In order to see the value of The Fabric, there needs to be a degree of understanding about how the internet and cloud are connected.  

Cloud providers and data centers are located strategically across the US (and the world). There are connectivity points (considered as regional hubs) distributed throughout the US where high-speed access delivers traffic to the cloud locations. The single facility in the northeast region acting as the hub for all major cloud providers is Markley in Boston. This facility is the path for nearly 90% of all traffic in the northeast for all major cloud providers and SaaS services; essentially, Markley is the major internet peering point for the entire region with over 100 network providers and carriers in the facility. 

Your data is going through Markley to reach its destination point. Why wouldn’t you want to add a layer of security while creating a faster path for your information?  

The Solution for Next-Generation Connectivity 

The solution for flexibility, performance and cost management is therefore connecting from your facility (or from your remote access points) to this hub location. Technium and Markley have architected The Fabric to enable companies to do just that. Ensuring the highest performance for all available internet-based services, our solution creates a flexible module, putting self-service attributes into the hands of IT leaders, with transparency. The self-service characteristics give you the ability to add and subtract costs on-demand for the consumption of cloud and internet-based services. 


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