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Announcing Enhanced Features and Services on The Fabric

Markley Group, a leading provider of data center and network solutions, and Technium, a premier network and security company, recently released significant enhancements to The Markley Network Fabric, a purpose-built network fabric designed for mission-critical workloads.

Since its launch, the Fabric has seen tremendous growth with customers enthusiastically embracing its high-performance, secure, and reliable connectivity. The Fabric’s key features include:

  • Native, direct connectivity to AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Express Route, Google Cloud Interconnect, Oracle, the Boston Internet Exchange, and over 140 additional cloud providers.
  • Redundant-by-default configurations with 2N ports assigned with every Fabric connection.
  • Flexible connectivity options including BGP and highly available virtual gateways.
  • Customized architecture review and guidance with every integration, working with customers to review and recommend best practices traffic engineering design.
  • Coordinated failure scenario and disaster recovery testing, ensuring redundant connections are provisioned and configured correctly on both ends.
  • Full provisioning and management of all network equipment, with 24/7 NSOC monitoring every single day of the year.

Today’s announcement introduces new features and service enhancements that further strengthen the Markley Network Fabric’s capabilities:

  • BOSIX routes over DIA: Customers can now take advantage of the low-latent, high-speed connectivity of BOSIX without the need to provision and manage their own peering sessions to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft. Learn More
  • MACSec Encryption: Line-rate encryption for 1-, 10-, and 100-gigabit ports ensures secure and encrypted connectivity across the entire network backbone. Learn More
  • Custom Dashboards and Alarming: Customers can now visualize their Fabric traffic statistics and create custom alarms to proactively monitor network performance, offering visibility into such metrics as throughput, utilization, errors, and more
  • Hosted Perimeter Gateway (HPG): Customers now can get next-generation security as a service through virtual routers and firewalls hosted in the Markley Cloud Service infrastructure. Fully managed by Technium's highly credentialed team, HPG service will handle all edge routing and NGFW security needs in a true monthly cost model. Learn More

These enhancements are a testament to Markley and Technium’s commitment to continuous innovation. Both companies actively engage with customers to identify and prioritize feature development, ensuring that the Fabric remains at the forefront of network technology.

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About Markley Group

Markley Group is a leading provider of data center and network solutions, delivering mission-critical infrastructure and services to enterprise customers, research institutions, government entities, and service providers. The company’s flagship data center in Boston, One Summer Street, offers a comprehensive suite of colocation, cloud, and connectivity solutions. Markley Group’s expertise in network design, deployment, and management enables customers to achieve their business goals through reliable, high-performance network solutions.

About Technium

Technium is an industry innovator that designs, implements, manages, and modernizes the essential systems that power your data-in-motion. Technium becomes an extension of the team by delivering unmatched network and security services—creating an advantage for businesses by meeting current needs and providing expertise, strategies, and tools that enable our customers to be the exception.