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Technium Team Member Spotlight: Brandon Huff

Technium Team Member Spotlight: Brandon Huff

Brandon Huff is an Operations Engineer L1 at Technium. He has been with the company for just over one year and is passionate about growing his skills, learning new things, and paying forward the help he received when starting his Technium journey.

"Before I was a cook, I was a nursing assistant. Before I was a nursing assistant, I was a theater assistant. The rest of my life put together doesn’t feel as valuable as my time here."


In this interview, Brandon shares his thoughts about starting a brand-new career, what it took to walk through Technium’s door, and what he loves about working here. 


What is your background and work experience?

My career started in a kitchen, not the typical background for most Technium employees, I imagine. I was a cook for 10 or so years in the early days of my career and I hated being stuck in a kitchen. I have no idea how many times I cut and burned myself over the years.



More recently, I tried my hand as a solar sales rep and realized sales was not for me. I’m not good at convincing people to get something they don’t want. It was driving me nuts and I was running out of money. I started my next career search because sales was clearly not the answer. And then I heard about Technium through a family connection.

 "When I learned what Technium was all about, I loved it. I asked how to do it."


I was told that two certifications were needed, the harder, broader-based CCNA, and the easier, more focused PCNSA. I learned that Technium offered a trainee program, and I had enough money in the bank to just do the study thing. I remember feeling like I was going to wizard school – like I was going to pull back the curtain and see how the internet works. I started with CBT Nuggets training – 500 hours of videos and practice tests. After three months of studying, I got my foot in the Technium door with an introductory interview. I was pretty sure I bombed it. And there was no place for me at that time.



I focused next on taking the CCNA test, and to my happy surprise, I passed. Gratefully, I got another chance to sit down, this time with Michael Joseph, CEO and John Emmett, Director of Network Operations,  and told them I had passed the test. I was told no one else had done this, and they gave me a shot.


What have you achieved since starting at Tehcnium? Personally? Professionally?

I really just like the work. It’s meaningful and it’s valued. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am doing something where my time is valuable. I felt utterly replaceable wherever I was, whatever I was doing. Here, what I do helps keep these big companies running. I troubleshoot, and I problem-solve.


"It feels like I have done more in eight months at Technium than I have done in my entire working life before that."


What do you hope to achieve as your career progresses?

I love it here. I love the atmosphere and camaraderie. The sense of being part of something - part of the vision. Five years from now I’d like to have the skill set to advance in the company. I want to be Blake Sanders, Sr. Operations Engineer and Tom Emmet, Sr. Network Engineer. 

I love the idea of building on the skills that I have so recently acquired and helping new people. I have always been drawn to teaching and I’m good at bringing new people along. And I love bouncing ideas off Jim Looney, Sr. Training Coordinator.


 “My five-year goal: helping to guide new people into this work.”


What are your thoughts on our Just Cause?

There is a concept in game theory: the broader, more long-term way you define your purpose, the better able a company is at aligning its processes and goals for long-term success.

My second day on the job was the ‘all hands’ company meeting. I remember Mike Joseph talking about our Just Cause and creating a place and a series of steps that allow for growth.

There is no certification that teaches you how to do this job. By being here and putting the pieces together, you get the skill set to do this work. I loved that from day one.


Technium’s Just Cause is to provide anyone who finds joy and excitement—and a determination to learn—in the field of network security with vigorous, life-changing learning opportunities.