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Technium Team Member Spotlight: Taylor Routt

Technium Team Member Spotlight: Taylor Routt

Taylor Routt, an Operations Engineer L2 at Technium, brings a unique blend of customer service and communication skills to the world of network and security. Find out how the allure of technology eventually caught Taylor's interest, and how having a defined roadmap to success – and a supportive work community - has allowed her to set and achieve her goals.

Technium Employee Spotlight

How She Got Here

Taylor's work life began in customer service, eventually leading her to college and a communications degree. But she soon realized she wanted more than her chosen field was providing. Quite simply, she was bored.

So, she turned to Blake, a Technium engineer, and someone she trusted in the tech field. Unfamiliar with the specifics of Blake's work initially, their conversations and her natural curiosity led to a deeper exploration of network and security through her own research.


“I have always been interested in tech. I just think it’s cool. I had no idea what work Blake did at Technium. When he described it, I thought ‘I could be good at that.’ ”


Taylor found the subject matter captivating and worth pursuing. She eventually met with John, the Director of Network Operations, and earned the CCENT certification before joining Technium, setting the stage for an exciting new career.


Achievements Since Joining Technium

Taylor's time at Technium has been marked by significant personal and professional achievements, even though she describes herself as that person who thinks she’s never doing enough. Achieving certifications including CCNA and PCNSA, Taylor quickly moved into a management role within one and a half years, excited to not only grow her engineering knowledge, but also develop stronger management and people skills, beyond incident management.


“In this job you will never know everything. A personal goal is to know a little bit about as much as I can. And if I don’t know the answer, I will figure it out.”

Being one of the top performers on the Operations team, Taylor recently reached the milestone of becoming an Interim L2 Engineer. This achievement, three years in the making, reflects Taylor's dedication to continuous improvement and career progression.



Support from the Company and Team

When asked about company culture, Taylor acknowledges the unwavering support from co-workers, departments, and the company as a whole. The intentional, collaborative environment at Technium ensures that no team member is left on their own.


“There has never been a time where I’ve gone to another team member and have been told ‘I can’t help you’ or haven’t learned something. Everyone here has something different to offer. And they are on board with the fact that we have a learning environment and a learning workplace.”


Career Aspirations

Looking forward, Taylor aims to become a reliable and knowledgeable engineer known for adept problem-solving and troubleshooting. She sees Blake, who remains a role model, and Tom, a Senior Network Engineer, as the gold standard. Her overall goal? To be REALLY GOOD. To be like Blake and Tom. To look at something she’s never seen before, and just be able to figure it out.


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Thoughts on Technium’s Just Cause

Technium's Just Cause resonates with Taylor as it provides learning opportunities in network security. The emphasis on welcoming individuals with determination and a willingness to learn aligns with Taylor's own experiences. The supportive culture at Technium, coupled with structured training and a clear roadmap, reflects the company's growth and commitment to fostering talent.


“When I first joined the team three years ago, there was primarily a 'go' type of environment. Now there is structure, goals, and milestones, offering a better roadmap for newcomers."


Techniums Just Cause is to provide anyone who finds joy and excitement—and a determination to learn—in the field of network security with vigorous, life-changing learning opportunities.