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Systems vs. Software

Systems vs. Software

As many of us have heard, success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Your network and network and security are no exceptions to this age-old adage.

Some of the largest cyber attacks in history, like Equifax and Capital One were not due to security product failures. Rather, these infamous cyber attacks are the result of operational failures. The “perspiration” part of the adage above.

When considering network security, no true solution ends with the implementation of software. Building truly reliable security tool sets, implementing the right policies, training users, and finding skilled and available talent, requires a plan to be successful. In the network and security environment, the success of today can quickly become the cyber attack of tomorrow.

To be ready for the unknown, systems must be developed and implemented to determine the intricacies of the network and security software. Technium recommends using the term, “system” versus “software” to steer your organization in the right direction. As your organization considers network security software technology, think of the whole system.

But how do you think of the whole system? Here are a few places to get started with your improved approach to network and security:

  • How will it be administered
  • How will it be reviewed
  • How will it be reported-on
  • How will it be improved upon
  • Compare it to competing products

Finding out-of-the-box software to resolve gaps in your current network and security state may appear easy. However, the hard part is ensuring the systems and people are in place to have regular, visible outputs, as well as the resolution to drive changes on the input and further hardening. If you are relying on software alone, your organization does not have the systems in place to proactively manage it.

For example, modern endpoint protection software provides advanced protection for laptops, desktops, and cell phones connected to the environment. When piloting this software, first focus on the output received and the required alerting and reacting. Ensure that skilled personnel are measured on regularly tuning the software and engaging with the business to ensure the policies match organizational requirements.

You must commit to the systematized work and perspiration associated with post-installation to a much larger degree than the implementation itself

Network and security maintenance and hardening is a difficult and thankless duty, but it is the most important part of the security story and the successes you never hear about.

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