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Why Scientists Should Care About Security

You work tirelessly to be on the brink of new discoveries; what if it was all taken away with a ransomware attack?  

As with many cyber security challenges, vigilance and a consistent process are more important than the technology and tools. This means that everyone, including scientists, needs to care about security. Wanting your intellectual property secured should be a thought in your mind. After all, if you are creating leading-edge science, you do not want to have to pay to get it back from a ransomware attack.  

Ransomware is very dangerous because it can be a direct attack or a social engineering act, such as phishing. If people are not aware of the methods used, it could lead to data being stolen. Once ransomware is resident on a system, it can be a simple money collection exercise or a means to an end to capture intellectual property. Many think all ransomware is for small fee collections, but it has become a delivery tool for much greater harm.  

If ransomware hits and is used for this more nefarious purpose, key intellectual property can be sold to the highest bidder or a nation-state. Lost intellectual property may allow an organization in another country to leap forward and deliver your discoveries.   

Data compromise could impact your brand. Now your intellectual property is gone, the drug discovery is being used elsewhere, and the biotech industry is well aware of what happened. As a scientist, what is your next move?

The larger point is that the risk of compromise is important outside of IT; everyone at a company needs to be aware of security best practices to reduce risks and protect their intellectual property.   

Technium strongly advises you to connect with your internal IT team to be trained on best practices. You worked hard to make a difference in the world; do not let someone take it from you. 

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