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[Case Study] Boston Law Firm

[Case Study] Boston Law Firm


To hackers and criminals, law firms are lucrative targets for stealing valuable information like intellectual property (IP), merger and acquisition details, personally identifiable information (PII), and confidential attorney-client-privileged data. Failing to keep this data secure is more than just a major risk for the firm—it can also have incredibly negative consequences for their clients. As such, robust network security is not only an ethical requirement but also, legal firms must comply with a range of regulatory requirements spanning local, national, and international levels of supervision.

Our customer, a Boston-based boutique law firm managing some of the biggest financial corporations in the country, needed to create a durable security infrastructure and ongoing strategy to meet these ethical and professional security requirements—without adding the responsibility to their own IT team.


When searching for a security partner, the goals were to find a company that would:

  • deploy a defense-in-depth strategy— using multiple levels of security solutions.

  • have a deep understanding of complex and fluctuating compliance requirements.

  • actively monitor for signs of a security incident.

  • put an incident response plan in place.


The complexity of the needs of this law firm required a full-service approach to security. Technium is providing 24×7 monitoring, maintenance, and remediation using our SNaaS foundation layered with services from our ecosystem of professional and technical partners. Now, this Customer has: 

  • a strategic approach to security with full visibility through portal-delivered reporting.

  • full-stack vulnerability scanning, analysis services, and software evaluation.

  • security incident response and forensics, as well as penetration testing and remediation services.

 “The 15-year-long partnership that we have with Technium has played a significant role in how our firm has been able to grow our business, servicing some of the top financial institutions in the world.”

IT Director & Firm Administrator

Please note: Names and company information are withheld for security reasons

Keeping your data safe is an ongoing process. Let Technium do the heavy lifting.