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Want to Improve Your Wi-Fi? Download the Checklist.

Want to Improve Your Wi-Fi? Download the Checklist.

While wireless networks were designed as backups to wired networks, wireless is now the most common means of connectivity in the workplace. Unfortunately, many Wi-Fi networks can’t support this increase in use, and the connection is often disrupted.

With the increase in the usage of Wi-Fi, networks need to be closely monitored to fix problems before users even know they’re there. To put it simply, increased usage of Wi-Fi can create a strain on your network, like putting extra mileage on your car. The more you use it, the more often maintenance needs to be done.

Here are some good practices to improve your Wi-Fi performance:

  • Include Wi-Fi in your Incident Response Plan
  • Have an escalation process for reported Wi-Fi issues
  • Authenticate users or devices on your network
  • Routinely monitor Wi-Fi network performance

Download our full Wi-Fi Checklist to see how your network adds up.