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Technium Pairs Network Security Expertise and Local Students at 2nd Annual School to Business Career Expo

Technium Pairs Network Security Expertise and Local Students at 2nd Annual School to Business Career Expo

In March, Technium joined other local businesses at the 2nd Annual School to Business Career Expo at Solomon Pond Mall, hosted by the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). 

Career fairs such as the Expo serve as a bridge between education and industry, providing students with insights into various career pathways and job opportunities across different sectors. They allow high school students to access a wide range of employers, raising their awareness about industries and professions they may not know exist.

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“I was honored to be part of the 2nd Annual School to Business Career Expo. The students brought great energy, great questions and I personally had many thought-provoking conversations with them. Big thanks to MEDC and the Marlborough Chamber for organizing such a great event!”
James Looney, Technium Senior Training Coordinator. 


Students from six schools came eager to learn from professionals in finance, healthcare, municipal/government, hospitality, manufacturing, technology, and life sciences. After this year’s Career Expo, Marlborough High School students raved about the insight they gained from this opportunity.

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Left: Roman B., 12th grade at Marlborough High School / Right: Michael B., 11th grade at Marlborough High School

Connecting Students to Technology:

Technium participated alongside Cinch I.T. and LadyBugz Interactive Agency, providing students with valuable insights into the world of technology. Technium staff members James Looney, Senior Training Coordinator; Luis Castro, Network Security Engineer; Katie Perry, VP of Business Administration; and Silas Gemal, Business Administration Intern shared their insights, personal career paths and answered questions.

“The Career Expo goes hand-in-hand with Technium’s Just Cause – to encourage learning and training opportunities in the network security field while falling in love with the work,” said Perry.

Our hosts and fellow businesses created a space for meaningful partnerships between students and the business community, helping to grow Marlborough’s workforce pipeline to local businesses.”

Marlborough Schools and Technium have an ongoing partnership which started with CyberCamp, in which high school students gain a unique, hands-on experience in the field of network security, helping them to hone their interests and plan next career steps.


“After attending the Expo, several students commented that they went into it favoring one industry - and after hearing from employers they are now considering new industries. By attending these events, students are better equipped to plan for their future. 
And from an employer’s perspective, businesses can invest in their community, highlight their company and build a talent pipeline of local emerging professionals through events such as the Expo.” 
Marlborough High School Career Specialists Amanda Chenier and Jackie Coyle.

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 A Commitment to Community:


“We have the opportunity to “plant the seed” of technology into many young minds and get them interested in the networking and security field. As a local business, having a stake in the community is important. We can play an important role as a community partner, helping to mentor youth headed into the workforce through our CyberCamp program and with events such as the Career Expo.” 
James Looney, Senior Training Coordinator at Technium


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“Technium lives in our Just Cause,” said Looney. “Our success isn’t measured by serving ourselves and the bottom line. Our success is achieved by giving and contributing in meaningful ways to the community around us.”


Technium’s Just Cause is to provide anyone who finds joy and excitement—and a determination to learn—in the field of network security with vigorous, life-changing learning opportunities. 


LEARN MORE about Technium’s Just Cause or CyberCamp at techniumnetworking.com/about