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External Vulnerability Scanning Offers One Less Thing to Worry About...

External Vulnerability Scanning Offers One Less Thing to Worry About...

Managing security today requires managing the network of employee devices and how they are connected to the company cloud, Internet, and VPNs. With data now spread across a number of services, devices, applications, and people, it takes constant vigilance to stay on top of security.

Data breaches can be caused by attackers exploiting vulnerabilities, that are visible from the Internet. They will use automated tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities such as:

  • Web layer security problems: SQL injection and cross-site scripting
  • Infrastructure weaknesses: Remote code execution flaws
  • Misconfigurations: An incorrectly configured web server or firewall
  • Unpatched software and apps: Constant new releases on software and apps make it hard to keep up

Technium’s External Vulnerability Scanning as Service (EVSaaS) will scan regularly, and ad hoc, to obtain a real-time inventory of all the external software which needs updating, as well as detect misconfigurations that reduce your security so that Technium can respond and remediate right away.

EVSaaS provides peace of mind by automatically checking your most exposed systems for vulnerabilities and new threats as they emerge.

Even in this varied and ever-changing workplace, you can still take steps to get ahead of bad actors, to keep your network safe.

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